For the betterment of the children and smooth functioning of the school, co-operation of parents is very essential. It is therefore, obligatory on the part of parents to shoulder the following responsibilities:


§         Inculcate self-disciplined, good behaviour, cleanliness, Promptness, obedience & self awareness.

§         The child must reach the 5 minutes before the payer at 0925hrs on all school days.

§         The child is to bring his/her own tiffin, pencil box, towel and water bottle every day.

§         The instructions/remarks/suggestions written in the diaries are read by the parents and signed against.

§         Children are to be collected every day immediately after the school hours by the parents or representatives. There is no facility in the school for retaining the child after school hours.

§         Children suffering from any disease/sickness are not to be sent to the school till fully cured.



            Various social group activities are being conducted in school on regular intervals. Various workshops for parents, story- telling for children are conducted in the school, to enhance their learning. The school also conducts various sports activities.



            The school has always met the needs of the tiny tots of Air Force personnel by providing learning with real life experiences which helps children to develop into confident, responsible and happy personalities.