Ø      A medical record is maintained for each child from the time he/she joins the school.

Ø      Each child is given an annual medical examination.

Ø       Any physical ailment that needs specialists’ attention or a course of treatment is brought to the notice of parent/guardians. As on 01 April, a child should not be less than 02 years of age.

Ø       Parents are to submit the medical record of the child, containing the child’s health history, as per attached form ‘E’ to this code at the time of admission.

Ø      On admission, parents are to certify that their children have not been suffering from any infectious disease for the past six weeks. As soon as it is known that a child is suffering from an infectious disease the school authorities should immediately be notified.

Ø       Such a child will not be allowed to the school unless adequate quarantine period has been observed and a certificate to that effect is produced from a competent medical authority.




The school provides for regular games and Physical Exercise for the children.




            The ideal ratio of 01 teacher and 01 ayah per 20 children is strictly adhered to.




            PTM is conducted on the last Saturday of every month.




            Standardized Syllabus and Code for Administration of AFWWA Play School 2015 issued under the Authority of Governing body of Air Force Wives Welfare Association, New Delhi is meticulously followed.

            The medium of instruction is both English & Hindi.