Tuition fees will be charged for 12 months of the year including summer vacation as per the revised rates for different categories on quarterly basis.




I Qtr

Apr, May & Jun

II Qtr

Jul, Aug & Sep


Oct, Nov & Dec

IV Qtr

Jan, Feb & Mar





Category Monthly Fee Quarterly Fee Adm+Annual+Diary (One Time Charge) Security Deposit (One Time Charge) Total Fees (At The Time Of Admission)
Officers Rs 1000/- Rs 1000X3=Rs3,000/- Rs 1000/- Rs 1,000/- Rs 5,000/-
Airmen Rs 900/- Rs 900X3=Rs2,700/- Rs 900/- Rs 1,000/- Rs 4,600/-
NC (E) &
AF Civilian
Rs 600/- Rs 600X3=Rs1,800/- Rs 600/- Rs 500/- Rs 2,900/-
Pure Civilian Rs 1,800/- Rs1,800X3=Rs5,400/- Rs 1800/- Rs 2,000/- Rs 9,200/-



      Late fee of Rs 100/- will be charged for those who are paying the fees after the due date i.e.10th of first month of every quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul & Oct)




§         Normally leave of absence of the pupil from the school should be applied for, in writing prior to the occurrence.

§         However, if due to unforeseen reasons, this is not feasible then on returning to the school, pupil should be in possession of a note from the parent/guardian stating the reason for absence.

§          If child is absent from the school without notice for over fourteen working days, his/her name will be struck off from the school register.

§          Re –admission of the child will be subject to availability of vacancy in the class and on payment of re-admission fee.